At Passion for cakes we get asked a great deal of questions about all sorts of things relating to cakes,

So we thought that we would try and help answer them for you. Here is a list of common questions and answers that you may find helpful in the time leading up to your wedding, child's christening or any special occasion you may be celebrating.

Will someone help me design my wedding cake, christening cake, birthday cake, engagement cake or special occasion cake?

Answer: Yes of course, at Passion for cakes we are only too happy and able to assist you in designing your wedding cake, birthday cake, christening cake, engagement cake or special occasion cake.
If you have a special theme in mind for your cake, it is a good idea to bring in colour samples and/or pictures of what you like so that we can help you design your ideal cake.
Our designers will help you every step of the way; from size, to colour and decoration, you can be assured the your cake will be a piece of art.

What cake flavours does Passion for Cakes offer?

Answer: Passion for cakes offers a wide selection of cake flavors. We bake a variety of flavored Mud cakes. Flavours include:
Dark Chocolate mud cake,
Cherry Ripe flavoured chocolate mud cake,
Rum and Raisin flavoured chocolate mud cake or Jaffa orange flavoured chocolate mud cake.
White Chocolate mud cake
White Chocolate caramel flavoured mud cake
Vanilla flavoured White Chocolate mud cake
Strawberry flavoured White Chocolate mud cake
Raspberry flavoured White Chocolate mud cake
Fresh lemon flavoured White Chocolate mud cake
Coconut & Mango White Chocolate mud cake
Mocha White Chocolate mud cake
Mango flavoured White Chocolate mud cake
We also make: Vanilla Butter Sponge cakes,
Traditional Fruit Cake,
Red Velvet,
Flourless Orange & Almond cake
Banana Cake and Carrot Cake

How do I know what size cake to order?

Answer: The number of guests you intend to cater for will ultimately help you decide on the size of your cake. Other important
factors to consider include:
whether there will be other desserts;
will you be keeping some of the cake for yourself?
will you be keeping the top tier of your wedding cake? and
will the cake be served as dessert portions or coffee portions? (coffee portions are generally half the size of a dessert portion)

Should I use iced or fresh flowers for my cake?

Answer: Passion for Cakes can supply you with sugur flowers of many different types and colours. If you require fresh flowers for your cake you will have to purchase these from your preferred florist. It is really a matter of personal choice.

Keep in mind that some fresh flowers are not available at all times of the year and that some fresh flowers are more tolerant to the weather than others.

How far in advance do I need to order my cake, and do I need a deposit?

Answer: Generally we like 4 to 12 weeks notice for a wedding cake, the reason being that flowers need to be made in advance, although we do have a large selection of pre made-flowers. If you are after some thing unusual these will have to be custom made.
For all other cakes 2 to 4 weeks notice is ample. However, we will usually accept late orders.
As a rule we take a 25% deposit on all cake orders with the balance on wedding cakes due 1 week prior to delivery/pick up. All other cakes are payable on pick up.


Does Passion for Cakes deliver cakes?

Answer: Yes. We do deliver our cakes on the day required anywhere in the Cairns and Port Douglas area, however, delivery charges may apply.

How do I care for my cake?

Answer: If you are picking up the cake yourself we suggest that you transport the cake as flat as possible, with the air conditioning on full.
When you arrive home with your iced cake we advise that you place it in a cool air conditioned room out of direct sunlight.
Refrigerate after cutting or freeze to preserve. If you wish to keep figurines or iced flowers these must be removed from the cake and stored with anti-moisture crystals in an airtight container.

I want to keep the top tier of my wedding cake, how should I store it?

Answer: Firstly remove all iced flowers and other decorations, then wrap your cake twice in cling film, and once in foil. Try to remove all the air from between your cake and the cling film, if you have the space, an air tight container is advisable. Store the cake in your freezer for up to 6 months. Passion for cakes will guarantee your fruit cake will taste as sensational as the day you picked it up for up to 12 months if wrapped and stored in an air tight container and keeped in a cool room. Ask about our special rates to re-decorate your cake for your child's christening.